Innovation :

CRUCIBLE is the first creative hub for the drinks/ flavour industry.

CRUCIBLE is the perfect place to see ideas come to life, learn new techniques, bounce ideas around, and work with people outside of your place of work. Collaborate, share experiences, and get inspiration from CRUCIBLE members and Community teams


We have one of, if not the best specced out flavour lab in the UK. We have equipment that you’ll only have read about. Everything is available on a pay as you go basis. Some of the equipment requires you to have passed a primer on it first.

Photo Studio

We have a white tent studio with lighting and tripod for your camera or smartphone. This can be used for product shots, pack shot, drinks photography, or action shots on the bar. Use of DSLR camera and drinks photographer to shoot your creations can be arranged. 

Tasting Room

Our tasting room comfortably sits 8 people, 10 at a push and is equipped with a wide screen television for all of your presentation needs

Hot Desks

We have a small number of desks that are available on a hot desk basis, or you can have a designated desk if that is what you need.


We have a fully operational bar, we keep it stocked with house pour products but if you need something special either bring it yourself, or we can order it in on a COD basis. We have Hoshizaki ice, and a selection of glasses if you need to perfect that drink.

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