Our Equipment:

This is what we’re all about. Crucible is kitted out with the finest lab and kitchen equipment, enabling you to fully realise your ideas.


Low temperature vacuum distillation, can be used to create very fresh tasting distillates or to evaporate away unwanted liquid to concentrate flavours


Used to remove the liqiud from things e.g. fruit/veg

Cream Whippers

Used for making foams / airs / nitrous infusion

Induction Hob

Electric cooker with temperature settings comes with a pan

Carbonation Rig

For carbonating drinks for bottling or kegging. We can also supply the bottles/kegs


A centrifuge separates out a liquid by density of different particles in it. Great for producing clear ingredients, or concentrated flavours

Ice Cream Maker

To make ice cream

Laser Thermometer

To get the temperature of anything

Water Bath

Used for cooking for a set period of time at a precise temperature

Vacpac Machine

To seal the vac pac bags filled with whatever you like