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Is your cat secretely wanting to kill you?

Ever wondered if your cat secretly wishes he or she could kill you? Our cute fluffy, furry and soft friends (to most humans), have been a subject of many conspiracy theories over the years but the one going strong which gathered the biggest following so far, says cats have been sent to Earth by aliens in order to stop humans from advancing as a race.



Le Grand K

Ever wondered how did we all agree as to what a kilogram actually is?

How does a scale ‘know’ what this unit does it equal to? The world might have not been able to agree on a lot of stuff, but they somehow managed to settle on the weight of the kilogram, which has been based on the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK), also known as Le Grand K, a global standard weight for a kilogram since 1889. Le Grand K is a cylinder made of a platinum-iridium alloy, which was manufactured in 1879 in London and since then stored in three locked bell jars in environmentally monitored safe and kept in a vault in the International Bureau of Weights and Measures Pavillon de Breteuil, Saint-Cloud in Paris. But now the IPK is about to be retired this November.  […]




Disclaimer: guaranteed, at some point, while reading this you will feel an irresistible urge to yawn. And you will yawn.

Yawning, aka oscitation, is a biological process during which we simultaneously inhale air, stretch our eardrums and follow all this with an exhale. It seems simple and straightforward and we all yawn – from grown humans and fetuses to cats, dogs and even snakes. The average person will yawn over 240,000 times over their lifespan but the real physiological reason for yawning is yet to be discovered. A yawn can be caused by anything from boredom to sleepiness, hunger or stress.




Dare to be Different : Crucible x Belleville Collective for British Cassis

Four unique drinks using the British Cassis, which were built around four stories: Blackcurrant Squared, a Tim Walker-inspired, English country garden; Pagan Rituals, creating a lab environment playing on the use of acids in the drink; Black Mamba, inspired by vintage Japanese cinema; and Rosey Mitchell, a straight up apple massacre.